"Survivor" fans had some idea of who might be the stronger players in "Second Chance," the most recent season of the long running CBS reality show, which featured a group of returning fan favorites. However, in Season 32, "Kaoh Rong," which premieres on Feb. 17, the show will be back with 18 new castaways. That means it is anybody's guess who will win the million dollar prize, but that will not keep viewers from trying to make predictions anyway. 

Here are three castaways who could win it all in "Survivor: Kaoh Rong — Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty":

1. Peter Baggenstos

On paper, Peter is the perfect "Survivor" favorite. At 34 years old, he lands in that sweet spot where he is not notably old or young, either of which can lead one to being marginalized or undervalued on a tribe. Then, his placement on the Brains tribe is an indication of his intelligence, a fact supported by his real like profession as a doctor. Peter appears to be quite the athlete and can be expected to be a physical threat as well. All of those things combined could make him quite a threat.

Peter Baggenstos Peter Baggenstos, an ER doctor, is a castaway on the Brains tribe in "Survivor" Season 32. Photo: CBS

2. Elisabeth Markham

Elisabeth, who goes by Lis, according to the show's promos, is not too different from Peter in terms of the perfect "Survivor" resume ... on paper at least. A member of the Brains tribe, Lis, 27, is a quantitative strategist with a degree from MIT, so, yes, she is smart, but she also has the looks to qualify for the Beauty tribe. She says she will use flirting to her advantage and she also has the benefit of some New York toughness — she is from New York City. She even has tons of experience with living a little rugged, claiming to be quite the outdoor sports lover. Watch out! 

Elisabeth Markham Elisabeth Markham, a quantitative strategist, is a castaway on the Brains tribe in "Survivor" Season 32. Photo: CBS

3. Cydney Gillon

Cydney, 23, is on the Brawn tribe. Fans can expect a tribe that literally has strong in the name to do pretty well in challenges, so Cydney is a safe bet to reach the merge. As a female body builder, she will certainly be a threat in individual challenges as well. On top of that, Cydney is an young girl with an upbeat personality who should not have trouble finding allies in the game. Despite her body builder toughness, Cydney may be underestimated as a woman among the many other athletic male contestants. If that is the case, she could be a sleeper favorite to win it all. 

Cydney Gillon Cydney Gillon, a body builder, is a castaway on the Brawn tribe in "Survivor" Season 32. Photo: CBS

A  refresher on the three tribes of "Survivor: Kaoh Rong" is available below:

“Chan Loh” — Brains

  • Peter Baggenstos, a 34-year old ER doctor from Minneapolis.
  • Aubry Bracco, a 29-year-old social media marketer from Cambridge, Massachusetts. 
  • Joseph Del Campo, a 72-year-old retired FBI agent from Vero Beach, Florida.
  • Neal Gottlieb, a 37-year-old ice cream entrepreneur from Sausalito, California.
  • Elisabeth Markham, a 27-year-old quantitative strategist from Brooklyn.
  • Debbie Wanner, a 49-yea- old chemist from Reading, Pennsylvania. 

“To Tang” — Brawn

  • Cydney Gillon, a 23-year-old body builder from Douglasville, Georgia.
  • Darnell Hamilton, a 27-year-old postal worker from Chicago. 
  • Alecia Holden, a 24-year-old real estate agent from Dallas.
  • Kyle Jason, a 31-year-old bounty hunter from Detroit.
  • Jennifer Lanzetti, a 38-year-old contractor from Salt Lake City.
  • Scot Pollard, a 40-year-old retired NBA player from Carmel, Indiana. 

“Gondol” — Beauty

  • Michele Fitzgerald, a 24-year-old bartender from Freehold, New Jersey.
  • Anna Khait, a 24-year-old poker player from Brooklyn, New York.
  • Nick Maiorano, a 30-year-old personal trainer from Redondo Beach, California. 
  • Caleb Reynolds, a 28-year-old Army veteran from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. 
  • Julia Sokolowski, a 19-year-old college student from Boston.
  • Tai Trang, a 51-year-old gardener from San Francisco.

"Survivor: Kaoh Rong" premieres Feb. 17 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. Watch the castaways introduce themselves below: