A bright dazzling light sweeping across the Southern California skyline on Wednesday night was most probably just a type of meteor known as a fireball, NASA reported.

The greenish bright light the size of a baseball was spotted by many across Arizona and California and reported to authorities. The sighting created great hype over social media networks with some claiming to have spotted a UFO.

The Federal Aviation Administration began receiving reports from the public at about 7:30 p.m. local time, with sightings from Los Angeles and the desert resort of Palm Springs more than 100 miles to the east, as well as from Phoenix,

We all made our wishes and went back to work. Nothing more to report. Have a safe night, Sergeant Steve Martos of the Phoenix Police Department said in a statement.

NASA deemed those who saw the sighting very fortunate, saying it was a rarely seen and an exciting treat for the legions of people who glanced to the heavens on Wednesday night, CNN reported.

NASA spokesperson Veronica McGregor told CNN that the fireball was a tiny chunk of an asteroid that becomes a meteor when it hits the atmosphere. While it probably incinerated before it reached ground, it's not impossible that a pebble-sized meteorite survived the trip.

Witnesses observing the light said it took a while to get from one side of the sky to another. It's sort of Mother Nature's shot across the bow, he said. It's an impressive light show, one of Mother Nature's best, said Don Yeomans, a Jet Propulsion Laboratory Fellow.

Top Tweets of Sighting:

NBCLA NBC Los Angeles

NASA: We can't say 100 percent, but it's almost certain that the object was a #fireball or very bright meteor.

mikestuchbery Mike Stuchbery

BREAKING: Huge meteor breaks up over SW US. Obama announces immediate military reprisal against Klendaathu. Would you like to know more?


Speculation that CA, AZ #meteor could've been NASA UARS satellite (size of a schoolbus) falling to earth, burning on re-entry. #fb

SabrinaA_LIVE Sabrina Antoinette

I just saw a meteor burn up and split in two upon entry into our atomosphere.... at least I hope that's what it was (side eyes)!

SteveHuff Steve Huff

So last night there was some #fireball in the Southwest and now Vampires vs Zombies is trending? Going back to bed in the bunker.