Lilli is just like any other normal calf in Switzerland...except for the fact that she has an extra two legs attached to her back.

The seven-week-old calf wasn't expected to survive at birth, and yet she has survived the odds with six legs. Andreas Knutti, the farmer and owner of Lilli said that he couldn't put the calf down when she was born because she was so full of life. Although full of life, Knutti noted that her disability and curved spine means that she will not become a milk cow in the future.

If Lily remains healthy, the Daily Mail reports that in the summer she will be able to join the other cows in the Alpine pastures.

According to the Herald Sun, the mutation could be due to two embryo's merging in the womb. Most probably there were twins, but then the embryos were united, and we've got a strange lamb, said veterinarian Auto Zardiashvili.

While Knutti has spared the Lilli's life, others do not see the six-legged calf as a miracle. According to Gizmodo, Lilli's six legs are the work of the devil and her existence is living proof that the Mayans were right.

Some mutations that have occurred in the past are the two headed African tortoise, the two faced cat and a four legged rooster, among many others.