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A mother from Penrith in Sydney's West has given birth every year since 2000 and says she still wants more children.

Explaining her love for having kids, Trudy Hill told Sunday that the whole experience of giving birth and having a newborn baby is really addictive and keeps her from having more.

Hill, 32, husband Clint, 37, and their nine children live in a modest, five-bedroom house at South Penrith.

The couple washes two loads of clothes daily. They drive the children on separate cars during outings.

Trudy describes her children as not sickly, with each one getting ill only twice a year.

Clint, a fitness-equipment inventor, said they stopped telling others of their children after the fifth child because people kept asking how they are going to afford bringing up their kids.

Aside from the Hills, there are 309 more families in NSW that have at least eight children, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.