The rather unconventional photo of Sydney Spice, a senior at Colorado's Durango High School, will now be included in the yearbook. The picture will appear as an advertisement for which the senior has agreed to pay $300.

It was earlier rejected by the yearbook committee for being inappropriate and too racy but after a lot of controversy, nation-wide debates, protest and threats of a lawsuit by her mother... the school has agreed to cave in.

While the 18-year-old might think she has gained immense popularity for herself... people's reactions show it is nothing more than negative fame, although, on the brighter side, Sydney may receive a few modeling contracts.

Apparently, the gullible youngster has no clue what she has landed herself into... the issue has now become a scandal, with people calling her derogatory names.

Sydney disobeyed, quite openly, the school authorities, rules and policies with strong words of disrespect and now most parents and even students of her own age aren't by her side.

IBTimes published a story asking readers if such unconventional dress-codes for the award winning yearbook were ethical...

We received several replies... from parents, teachers and peers; a few of them even identified themselves as her school-mates.

A reader, Franklin Gibson, wrote in an e-mail: There is plenty of time for one to exploit themselves but there is a very small window to educate oneself... School is for educating and preparing for the future and not in a photo like that.

Rights Come with Responsibilities

Sydney has been talking about rights of expression. However, people have pointed out that by failing to obey school rules and fulfill her responsibilities, she has denied herself of any such rights.

Interestingly, what stuns Lundin Matthew (a reader) is not the costume but her guts to disobey the schools decision and daring attitude.

I guess when you dig a little deeper she isn't about her rights. In her moms own words she wants to say 'screw you' to the school, the reader wrote in an e-mail.

Another reader wrote: I personally think the picture is too racy for a high school yearbook, I wouldn't want my kids to see it. Not to mention, the editors should have a right to decide what goes into the yearbook.

A reader who called herself as Senior Mom said: Rules are rules and all need to adhere to them. The rules are clearly stated and she broke them.

I'm sorry, but this is not exercisable. It would allow for kids to pose fully naked if interpreted to its full extent, said a reader, RP.

 Wow! So what, now there is no dress code anymore? Come on, freedom of expression? REALLY? So let her have her picture taken and post it somewhere else, not in a school yearbook! That's just trashy and so inappropriate! I am so annoyed by all kinds of groups screaming about their rights when it clearly is offensive to most of the population. What about everybody else's right not to have things that are offensive shoved down their throat? There are other types of magazines that this might be more appropriate in. Not a high school year book! said Crazyunicorn.

It's a shock to see this as her senior picture---pictures that parents hang and place around their home. This would N-E-V-E-R fly in my home nor would I, as a parent, pay for this, said Sloancinfo, adding, this is completely inappropriate.

Given the extent of criticism, it must have been something of a shock to see Sydney's mother, Micki Spice, support her daughter's decision and consult lawyers with the view to promote legal action.

What the hell were her parents thinking?! It's a high school yearbook, not a Victoria's Secret photo shoot, a reader wrote.

A few readers had some advice for Sydney... Just because you want to express yourself senior pics are not made to show off in the high school yearbook for your supposed career. Make a portfolio Sydney, duh!!! you fit the profile there, don't get the Mansion and High School confused, wrote a reader.

Finally, a reader who referred to himself as DrinkBrawndo came up with an intelligent thought for Sydney: Consider the fact that schools as well as future employers are becoming more proactive about who and what they hire. That racy photo could come back and bite her down the road. There is absolutely a time and a place for everything. Your high school yearbook is not the place to look sexy.

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