It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… Syfy! Television network Syfy will be delving into the superhero world for a new drama series – Superman origin story “Krypton” –, according to the Hollywood Reporter, in an effort to shift back to more traditional, science fiction programs.

“The Man of Steel” producer David S. Goyer is developing the series with “Once Upon a Time” writer Ian Goldberg who is penning the script for the pilot. The story will center on the origin of the DC Comic superhero’s home planet and focus on Superman’s grandfather as he tries to restore order to the chaotic celestial body. Taking place years before the Superman legend, it is unclear if the baby superhero will make an appearance at some point in the series.

The announcement comes after Syfy expressed a desire for the network to switch gears to produce more traditional and serious science fiction content. Five years ago, the network renamed itself Syfy from Sci-fi and began rolling out more gimmicky B-movies and shows, such as the popular “Sharknado” series. However, the network now hopes to get more serious in an attempt to chase the ratings of cable hits such as HBO's “Game of Thrones” and AMC's “The Walking Dead.”   

Time will tell if “Krypton” will deliver comparable ratings to those shows. The series will theoretically appeal to both fans of sci-fi and comic books. Viewers of the CW's highly-rated “Gotham” series, which similarly examines the origin of Batman’s home city long before the hero donned his costume, might also be future fans.

Syfy has yet to confirm a release date for the newly announced series. 

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