“Sharknado 3” is still a year away, but fans are already preparing for the storm. The high ratings and off-the-charts Twitter reaction have guaranteed another sequel from Syfy, due next summer. But fans aren't the only ones getting excited. Several actors have been clamoring for coveted cameo roles, with Daniel Radcliffe, “Harry Potter” himself, the latest A-lister hoping for a chance to be eaten on-screen.

The New York Daily News reports the “Harry Potter” actor expressed his interest to “Sharknado” star Ian Ziering backstage at ABC's “The Today Show” on Monday. Ziering told the paper that Radcliffe told him he "loved the film and said he would do it if they found an amazing way for him to die."

Radcliffe’s interest comes as no surprise, as the so-called Twister-meets-Jaws franchise has become a legitimate blockbuster. Re-airings of “Sharknado 2: The Second One” have continued to soar in the ratings, rivaling even NFL games, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Syfy recently released the first trailer for the third installment of the franchise. The short teaser promises more action and more sharks for next summer. Syfy has been helping to build hype for the new movie by asking “Which city will be next?” Until then, fans can only guess what’s in store for the next “Sharknado.”

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