Syria accused the United States and some of its European allies of a double standard for demanding a halt to airstrikes on Aleppo. The Syrian Foreign Ministry accused the West of ignoring the fact Syria is fighting extremists and "shedding crocodile tears" for the people of Syria.

Damascus sent its response to the West's demand to Dato Ramin Ibrahim, the president of the U.N. Security Council, and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The Syrian Foreign Ministry complained the West is trying to cover up militant atrocities, adding the West's demand played “a detrimental role in the situation,” Press TV reported.

The ministry also accused the West of aiding foreign-backed terrorists by providing intelligence, military, logistic and financial support. Syria said countries like the United States considered Syria’s right to defend itself from militants “illegitimate.”

Meanwhile, U.N. investigators accused the Syrian government as well as opposition forces of causing “unspeakable suffering” to civilians. The Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria said Syria is running out of safe places for civilians.

Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, the head of the panel, said none of the parties involved in the conflict has shown any consideration for civilians. “In no instance have the parties to the conflict shown any commitment to the paramount obligation under international law to distinguish between civilian and military objectives,” Times of Israel quoted the Brazilian diplomat as saying.

The U.N. report found government forces caused mass civilian casualties by not using precision weapons in dense urban areas. The report said the Syrian government had committed war crimes by targeting civilians with barrel bombs.