Most mobile carriers have all included plans that let you buy unlimited everything for one price. Many people purchase these because they are easy to understand. However, some people have old plans that haven't been updated, and still others have family plans, where the prices can fluctuate more.

That's exactly what Celina Aarons found out when she got a $201,000 T-Mobile bill for a single month. Channel seven news in the Miami area has a consumer rights segment called Help Me Howard, and Aarons contacted them about her expensive bill.

Celina's brother took a trip to Canada for two weeks and the data roaming was left on. Since they are on the same plan - boom! Charges for every text and download her brother Shamir incurred. The Help Me Howard folks went to bat for Aarons and convinced them to knock the price down to $2,500 payable over the next six months.

Shamir was billed $10 per megabyte for his downloading. T-Mobile said that rate was texted to him, and four additional texts were sent to his phone as the charges soared. He sent a couple thousand texts in the two weeks, so he must have not seen them, and when Celina asked why T-Mobile didn't contact her when the charges were going crazy, they said they were respecting her privacy.

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