T-Mobile has started a program for its customers called Jump On Demand. It allows users to switch three devices in a year. It is a lease plan and not a device installment plan. The plan offers the most recent flagships, like the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S6 Edge, the LG G4, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

The promotional banner of the new offer from T-Mobile reads, “Get the phone you want when you want up to 3X a year.” GSM Arena has explained how the new Jump On Demand plan works.

The publication claims that if a user purchases a Galaxy S6 through a Jump On Demand lease plan from T-Mobile for 18 months, he is not required to make any down payment. However, he will have to pay $28.33 every month. The user can swap the Galaxy S6 for any of the aforementioned smartphones that belong to the program.

T-Mobile will swap only those smartphones that are in working condition. In order to get another device, users will not have to pay any additional charge. However, users will have to once again commit to a new 18 months Jump On Demand program. By doing this, users will be able to get the new device and pay the monthly fee of that device for the remaining period.

It does not involve any waiting period to swap to another device. It means a buyer can swap up to three devices within 10 days or one month or any time in a year. Once the 18 months period comes to an end, buyers will have to pay the remaining amount of the device to T-Mobile.

For example, the Galaxy S6 costs $679 with T-Mobile. By making 18 monthly payments, users will end up paying $509. However, users are also required to pay the remaining payment of $169 to own the Galaxy S6. The new plan is aimed towards those customers who wish to switch high-end smartphones quite often, claims GSM Arena.