Tabletop gaming has been making a comeback these past few years, so it seems fitting to see the “Halo” franchise try its luck with the “Halo: Fleet Battles – The Fall of Reach.” This “Halo” board game is now available for purchase and promises to be an easy-to-learn tabletop game that pleases both “Halo” fans and tabletop gaming aficionadios.

According to Game Informer, “Fall of Reach” is a two-player tabletop game that will feature 32 UNSC miniature ship models, 17 miniature Covenant models and 30 customized “Halo” dice. Fans of the series will also be happy to know to see a number of accessories and art books that show off some of the tabletop designs.

“Halo Fleet Battles” will let fans recreate space battles that they weren’t allowed to experience in the “Halo” games, as well as create new experiences for themselves in the same “Halo” universe that has captivated many gamers. To make sure the game is a candid “Halo” experience, Spartan Games worked closely with the game’s new developer 343 Industries, the studio that was given the reigns of the series after Bungie left and decided to develop “Destiny.”

As fans of the series know, “The Fall of Reach” is one of the most pivotal battles of the video game series as it is another chapter of the Human-Covenant War that has populated the franchise for quite some time now. The board game was designed to give players an experience based on that event, with players controlling spaceships and partaking in battles, while the “Halo” video games mostly concentrated on first-person shooting and vehicle combat.

This is one of the many different types of media branches that the “Halo” series has been a part of. There are a number of “Halo” novels that detail the backstories of several characters. There are also “Halo” comics published by Dark Horse.

Fans interested in both “Halo” and tabletop gaming will want to give “Halo: Fleet Battles – The Fall of Reach” a chance. It can be purchased online through Spartan Games right now.

Halo: The Fall of Reach - The Animated Series Trailer - Comic Con 2015 (Credit: YouTube/IGN)