Taco Bell’s latest innovation, the Waffle Taco, will reach new markets as the fast-food chain expands its test run in the coming days. The company sparked the recent flood of new takes on old standards with the incredibly successful launch of Doritos Locos tacos.

As the Associated Press reports, the Waffle Taco is just the beginning of Taco Bell’s plans for a breakfast menu, which it will introduce nationwide sometime next year. The waffle taco was being tested in five locations in Southern California and Taco Bell will soon sell the breakfast item in 100 locations in and around Fresno, Calif., Omaha, Neb. and Chattanooga, Tenn., reports AP.

The waffle taco is just that, a taco-shaped waffle stuffed with eggs and sausage. To add a sweet element to the breakfast item, Taco Bell includes a side of syrup to create a sweet-and-savory breakfast experience. According to the Los Angeles Times, the waffle taco has been the bestselling breakfast item in the test locations. Taco Bell offers a breakfast menu in 850 locations in the western United States, notes AP, but the menu should soon expand nationwide. In addition to the waffle taco, some of the breakfast items being tested by the company include a parfait, oatmeal and an "AM Crunchwrap," which contains a choice of sausage or bacon, eggs, cheese and a hash brown with jalapeno sauce, reports So Good.

Fast food companies, due to increased competition, are quickly revamping their menus. Dunkin’ Donuts recently introduced a doughnut breakfast sandwich while other companies have introduced pretzel buns as limited time menu options. The LA Times reports McDonald’s will be offering a late night menu nationwide later this year while Starbucks has been introducing more premium menu items. In one of the odder twists, Popeye’s has just begun testing chicken waffle fries.

As for how a waffle taco tastes, Serious Eats was disappointed with Taco Bell’s breakfast offering. The review mentions the processed taste from the prepared items and the poor quality of the sausage patty as the main offenders. The waffle shell itself is fried but has some taste to it.