In less than a month, Tag Heuer will be launching its first smartwatch. This gear is expected to cost an arm and a length in traditional Tag Heuer style. Plus, the company has also officially teased the upcoming wearable by dedicating a page that goes by the name "Tag Heuer Connected" with a live countdown timer. The page also shows history of the company’s achievements over a period of time. 

An aesthetically made official teaser shows the upcoming smartwatch partly covered in shadow. However, certain design aspects of the watch can be seen and it looks quite masculine, according to Slash Gear. Meanwhile, the official Twitter account reads: "Get ready to experience the next step in innovation. #connectedtoeternity."

When it comes to key configuration, the Tag Heuer smartwatch will reportedly come powered by an Intel processor. It is worth noting that upon release, this smartwatch will become the first Android Wear timepiece to not use Qualcomm's Snapdragon SoC, Phone Arena reported. Moving on to the price of the Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch, the device will apparently cost around $1800 and will debut on Nov. 9.

Meanwhile, Jean-Claude Biver, the CEO of LVMH that also includes Tag Heuer, reportedly wanted more than 50 percent of the device components to be built or sourced within Switzerland to help market the device as "Swiss-made." However, that didn’t work out for the company.

Phone Arena reported that Biver apparently promised to keep the smartwatch’s hardware elements same, however, the company will allow the device owners to upgrade the technology as time goes by. However, there is no official information available to know how the company is planning to implement this idea.

At a whopping $1,800 price point, it makes sense to make sure the gear doesn’t get obsolete like other smartwatches within a year. For example, the Apple Watch and Moto 360 second edition were released earlier this year, and the successors of the aforesaid devices are already under development, thus making the current-generation gear obsolete.

Furthermore, Biver reportedly called the "Apple Watch too feminine," when the tech giant debuted its gear. He apparently said, the Apple Watch looked like it was designed by a student. However, later, Biver changed his stance and said, Apple’s smartwatch is fantastic and it is a fabulous achievement.

Here is the official teaser shared by Tag Heuer’s Twitter account: