Participants at an annual Taiwan beauty pageant have been asked to sign an agreement which mandates them not to get involved in sexual relationships with married men. Any contestant found to be involved in an extramarital affair would be disqualified from the pageant.

Beginning this year, each contestant must sign a declaration honestly stating she hasn't been in any extramarital affairs, Fifi Chang, organizer of the Miss GlobalCity Taiwan Pageant, told AFP Monday. Anyone found violating the declaration will lose the right to compete in the pageant... serving the purpose of correcting worsening social morals.

Seven women, including past winners, have publicly pledged to adhere to the rules against being someone's mistress.

The new rule has been introduced after one of Taiwan's most famous baseball players, Chien-ming Wang, recently admitted that he had an eight-month relationship with a woman outside his marriage.

Many girls think it's OK to be a mistress, because young people nowadays want whatever they desire. They don't think about the consequences, Chang told BBC. She expressed confidence that media and netizens would help expose contestants who lied about their lives.

The unprecedented move by the pageant organizers has come amid growing concerns that celebrities are increasingly being denied their right to privacy, with every single detail of their lives being captured and analyzed for entertaining the public.