Mostly foreign government representative and western journalists are said to have been the customers of the Kabul luxury hotel attacked by a Taliban squad late night on Tuesday.

According to a spokesperson of the Afghan police up to six suicide attackers stormed the hotel Intercontinental, while the exact number of victims is still unsure. One of the attackers seemed to have detonated a bomb he was carrying inside the hotel lobby while the others stormed the building after the blast.

An eyewitness says the detonation took place, while many guests were present in the restaurant. Afterward shooting could be heard from inside the 5 storey building as the attacker fought their way through the corridors and rooms. In a phone interview a Taliban spokesperson took responsibility for the attack claiming at the time of the attack Afghan Western representatives would have held secret security meetings inside the hotel.

He also told the Associated Press the fighters would have occupied all floors and are going now from room to room killing all foreign guests. While saying this still shooting could be heard from the hotel.

The Afghan Department of the Interior counted seven dead Afghans and eight wounded when asked by AFP Wednesday morning.

The battle for the hotel was finally ended after five hours when combat helicopters of the Isaf forces killed three terrorists, who entrenched themselves on the roof of the building. Afghan soldiers then secured the building as a German news agency reported..