The hall of fame of eccentric guests on “The Talking Dead” inducted a new member on Sunday night. Following the midseason finale, fans of the AMC series were invited to send in video questions and comments for comic book creator Robert Kirkman and host Chris Hardwick. One of those guests became the highlight of the talk show -- a viewer from Rochester, Indiana, calling himself Gig Guy.

Rocking a dead animal on his head, Gig Guy immediately caught the attention of viewers before ranting about some of the shenanigans that upset him during Season 5 of “The Walking Dead.”

“There’s something that has been bothering me all season that I would like to address,” Gig Guy began calmly before yelling at the camera. “When the group runs into somebody like Eugene (Josh McDermitt) who claims to be able to fix the world, or even somebody like Dawn, waiting on somebody to rescue them, I don’t understand why Rick Grimes doesn’t just say, ‘LOOK, I’VE BEEN TO THE CDC, THE WORLD’S OVER, NO HOPE. NOW GET OVER IT.’”

“Talking Dead” viewers took to Twitter after Gig Guy’s video aired, some calling it the “best part of the show.” Meanwhile, others began petitioning for him to become Chris Hardwick’s new co-host.

But Gig Guy isn’t the first person to become infamous on “The Talking Dead.” The Indiana fan joins the ranks of Marilyn Manson and Bob from Chattanooga, two “Talking Dead” guests who will forever live in infamy for their peculiar behavior.

Manson “ruined” the AMC talk show during Season 4 when he appeared as a guest alongside Jack Osbourne and “Walking Dead” producer Gale Anne Hurd. The 45-year-old singer went on a rant about Carol (Melissa McBride) looking like Jamie Lee Curtis, and started a debate about whether zombies defecate.

Bob from Chattanooga, a fan who phoned “The Talking Dead” during the Season 3 finale, became an inside joke for viewers after his eerie and brief conversation with Chris Hardwick. “The Hour is coming, the hour is coming. All that are in the graves shall hear his voice. There seems to be no room,” Bob from Chattanooga warned before getting cut off.

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Watch a poor-quality version of the video below: