Tammy Lynn Michaels has filed papers claiming her ex-wife, singer/songwriter Melissa Etheridge owes her more than the $23,000 she receives a mother for spousal support. However, Etheridge also filed legal documents against Michaels claiming she had burned one of their children with a cigarette.

Michaels said, according to court papers, that Etheridge makes approximately $177,882 a month and she became so accustomed to living with the money that she is having difficulty living on the $23,000 a month a she receives, reported TMZ.

The 37-year-old also claims she has virtually no savings and would need extensive retraining if she is forced to enter into the workforce, reported AceShowbiz.  She said that her ex on the other hand has extensive resources at her disposal and a tremendous earning capacity.

The lover spat also appears to be dragging the children into the mix. Michaels accused Etheridge of brainwashing their five-year-old twins, Johnnie Rose and Miller. She said that Etheridge is teaching their children to be rude to her and emotionally distant, so much so they will not even hug Michaels, reported AceShowbiz.

However, Etheridge filed court documents of her own. Etheridge wants the judge presiding over their divorce to order both her and Michaels to remain smoke free and around their children, after claiming Michaels accidentally burnt one of their kids with a cigarette.  

She is also striking down a joint custody deal between the two.

Etheridge also claims that that Michaels angry and vindictive, reported TMZ.

In an email, Michaels said Etheridge attacked her integrity.

You have to support so many households because YOU BROKE SO MANY HOUSEHOLDS, silly, said the email according to TMZ. If you had decided to have one ounce of integrity/honesty as a person or partner, you would NOT be in this predicament. Think about it.

However, Etheridge is fighting back with emails of her own showing that Michaels attacked her over the Internet.

They aren't leaving my care while you are on the road -- a completely inappropriate place for 3-year-olds -- not to mention you can't track them, have no child care, and they were bit by dogs in the house last time you had them, reportedly said the email.

A hearing is set for May 22.