“Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta’s” Tammy Rivera got blasted on Sunday after she explained why she took her husband Waka Flocka back.

This comes after the “Brick in the Paint” rapper admitted that he cheated on her, which caused their split. “I felt like my husband fought for his life back, and I’m going to fight to make this marriage work with the help of God and stick to my vows until otherwise,” said Rivera, 31, on Snapchat, which was captured by The JasmineBrand. “This ain’t none of ya’ll business, and I know it’s going to go past half ya’ll heads, but talk to your grandmothers or aunties.”

WARNING: NSFW language in video

Afterward, there were some who didn’t agree with the reality star, and they quickly let her know about it. “Talk to your aunties or grannies? Who had less opportunity than us?” someone tweeted. “No reason to put up with s--- in 2016.” “She sounds like someone with stockholm syndrome talking herself through it,” another person wrote. “Poor thing.”

It wasn’t long ago that Waka Flocka told one of his social media followers that he was unfaithful to his wife. “No I wasn’t faithful,” he wrote in June, which was captured by The Shade Room. “And I regret everything I’ve done to Tammy. I pray the most high gives me strength to be a better husband and role model.”

Whether the Atlanta rhymer has achieved his goals of becoming a better spouse is unknown, but in July he and Rivera stopped by “The Breakfast Club” and said they were working on their problems.

In that same interview, Waka Flocka slammed people for getting in his personal business and acting like they care about his wife. “They’re all lonely,” he said. “Most of them got self-esteem problems, so they’re leaning on Tammy … Nobody liked my wife before they heard we broke up.”

In regards to Rivera’s recent explanation on giving her husband another chance, she said it has to do with being loyal and not giving up too quickly. “Today’s society is so f---- up,” she explained. “Everything is so disposable. Nothing is worth valuing anymore, and we as women don’t know our value. We don’t know who we are.”