In the age of typing, do you cherish the memory of using pens when you are young? If yes, you're in luck - the Targus Pen can comfort your nostalgia and let you enjoy handwriting once again.

Accessories maker Targus unveiled a series of handwriting devices at CES 2012.

The system includes a case, a receiver, and a Bluetooth-enabled pen. When you are writing on the paper, the receiver will track the pen and beam the information over to an app on your iPad via Bluetooth.

And, this is the icing on the cake - you don't need to use any special paper, a normal one will do. Even any old notepad or a cocktail napkin will work.

Moreover, it's not necessary to keep your iPad always next to you. The technology will display what you write or draw on the iPad screen, whenever the tablet is next available to you.

And, if you own more than one iOS devices, you can store your notes in iCloud, which ensures that the information stays up to date across all your iOS devices - automatically.

According to the company, Targus Pen will hit the market around August with a $150 price tag.

Watch the video below to get an idea of how the Targus Pen works.