Taste the Rainbow: Nicki Minaj's Outrageous Neon Wardrobe [PHOTOS]

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  • Nicki Minaj
    “There are a lot of people in hip-hop who are probably never going to get what I do. But, by just being myself, I end up touching a lot more people who might never have paid much attention to a female rapper," said Minaj in an Interview magazine interview. The outrageous hottie wore a bright pink wig and oversized collar necklace to the 2010 MTV Music Video Awards. Reuters
  • Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj attends the Betsey Johnson Spring/Summer 2012 collection during New York Fashion Week. Minaj embodies all that Johnson's line stands for. "Making clothes involves what I like&color, pattern, shape and movement & I like the everyday process & the people, the pressure, the surprise of seeing the work come alive walking and dancing around on strangers. Like red lipstick on the mouth, my products wake up and brighten and bring the wearer to life&drawing attention to her beauty and specialness&her moods and movements&her dreams and fantasies." - Betsey Johnson Reuters
  • Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj's style is incomparable. Matched with her eye-popping wardrobe is musical genius. “I made a conscious decision to try to tone down the sexiness,” she said in an Interview magazine interview. “I want people—especially young girls—to know that in life, nothing is going to be based on sex appeal. You’ve got to have something else to go with that.” Reuters
  • Nicki Minaj
    The dramatic beauty is not one to be outdone. She ruled the red carpet at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California February 13, 2011, with full-body leopard print and a Bride of Frankenstein wig. Reuters
  • Nicki Minaj
    HairStopandShop.com, a popular online retailer of human and synthetic hair wigs, believes that Nicki Minaj has single-handedly revolutionized the wig industry. The company says there has been a surge in demand for Nicki Minaj inspired wigs. She has revolutionized the synthetic hair industry with her artwork. Reuters
  • Nicki Minaj
    Minaj accepts the best hip hop video award for "Super Bass" at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles. For the award show she morphed into what looked like a rainbow toy box creature. With pink and yellow knots on top of her head, Minaj dressed in a solid geometric design complete with pink tutu, patterned socks, stuffed animals, and an ice cream cone necklace. Reuters
  • Nicki Minaj
    Rapper and singer-songwriter from Trinidad and Tobago Nicki Minaj arrives at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards show in Las Vegas wearing a skin tight pale blue jumpsuit with studded see-through side panels and a mop of bubblegum pink hair. Reuters
  • Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj performs during the second day of the iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas wearing a purple, glittery dress that might have belonged to a circus ballerina. Her frizzy pigtails add even more volume to this look. Reuters
  • Nicki Minaj
    Nicki strikes a kooky pose while at the Prabal Gurung Spring/Summer 2012 collection during New York Fashion Week September 10, 2011. Here she wears a giant-sized pink bow on top of her head with matching pink hair and pink lipstick. Reuters
  • Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj wears a kaleidoscope dress that keeps all eyes glued on her. The 28-year-old arrives at the 2010 American Music Awards in Los Angeles. Reuters
  • Nicki Minaj
    Nicki is never one to look demure. Even though this is a rather plan garb compared to the rest of her ensembles, this dress is skin tight and shows off her insane curves. Reuters
  • Nicki Minaj
    Wearing a leather Cat Woman suit and highlighter orange, bouffant wig, Nicki Minaj performs at the 2010 BET Awards in Los Angeles June 27, 2010. Minaj is this year's winner of the Best Female Hip Hop Artist award. Reuters
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Nicki Minaj's wardrobe is a trippy mind warp of rainbows and geometric forms.

The 28-year-old queen of rap flaunts a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes in each and every outfit she wears.

When she steps out, all eyes are on her.

From rainbow-colored hair and tutus to skin tight jumpsuits and candy jewelry, Minaj keeps the world guessing.

She appears on the cover of the latest issue of fashion bible W Magazine. Photographer Francesco Vezzoli transformed the typically Harajuku Barbie-styled singer into various regal woman from throughout history. 

In her performances, Minaj makes very explicit and ­challenging use of her beauty and her body, so I thought of comparing her to some of the most famous courtesans in history: the Marquise de ­Montespan, Comtesse du Barry, Madame de Pompadour, and ­Madame Rimsky-­Korsakov, said Vezzoli who shot the editorial spread.

Whether Electrified Barbie or Royal Princess, the Trinidad-born rapper is a fashion icon.

Some of her favorite pieces?

I tend to like booties...and really flashy shoes: totally studded out, in five colors with an insane platform, she told Elle magazine.

After the success of her Pink Friday lipstick for MAC, Minaj has teamed up with OPI nail polish to launch a collection of six polishes due out in January 2012. The paints will be $8.50 each and will carry the names of some of Minaj's biggest hits like Pink Friday and Save Me.

But this girl is not only about make-up and stilettos.

She knows how to make it with the big boys.

I always wanted to play with the boys, she said to Elle. I didn't want to be a pawn in their game or have a sidekick role. I wanted to be more of a lead character -- a superhero.

Minaj has certainly proved she is here to stay. She even dubs herself the Female Weezy.

In September 2010, Minaj performed Monster with Kanye West and Jay-Z at Yankee Stadium. The crowd went wild for the petite, pink-haired rapper. And she had not even released an album of her own yet.

Then Pink Friday came out and the world saw that Nicki Minaj is no second fiddle act.

Oh, no. Nicki Minaj is meant for center stage.


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