A recent, supposedly leaked, cover from People magazine that circulated on Monday claims that Taylor Lautner is gay, but the Twilight star and a rep for the magazine said the cover is an absolutely fake hoax.

The fake cover touts an exclusive report from 19-year-old Lautner himself, declaring he is Out & Proud. Tired of rumors, it says, the 'Twilight' star opens up about his decision to finally come out.

The cover for the supposed Jan. 7, 2012, issue also showcases a fake quote from Lautner which read, I'm more liberated, and happier than I've ever been, sending the cyber world buzzing and spreading the seemingly true report.

However, a spokesperson for People told Gossip Cop on Monday that the cover is absolutely fake,  created using Photoshop, and includes outdated sidebar photos of Brad Pitt and Carnie Wilson stolen from a May 2006 cover.

Many fans on Twitter and Facebook were fooled by the cover, adding that Lautner's recent breakup from Abduction co-star Lily Collins fueled the rumors further.

While others spread the false report, Def Jam star Russell Simmons tweeted about the news, applauding the Twilight star for maintaining poise while the tabloids cooked up rumors.

Proud of Taylor Lautner for his bravery and his courage, Simmons tweeted. Disappointed that people would joke about someone coming out about their sexuality. Let Taylor Lautner be whoever he wants to be...

Lautner has not yet publically commented on the fake People cover but back in October, he denied claims during an interview with GQ Autstralia when asked if he flirted during a dinner meeting with director Gus Van Sant and Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, both of whom are gay.

No, definitely not, Lautner responded to GQ Australia. I think they know I'm straight. But they're great guys. They're a lot of fun.

After the interview went to print, Lautner blasted the reporter for focusing on whether or not he is gay.

Really Mr. GQ writer? I'm curious, will you be asking all of the handsome actors I've ever had the privilege of working with or meeting if I made passes at them as well? I'd love to be there when you ask Sean Penn that same question. Or, Mr. GQ writer, were you projecting your own unprofessional desires onto me and Gus? Perhaps? Or worse still, are you a homophobe? he wrote.

Above and beyond this clear attack on my character, I'm shocked that GQ would allow their writer to lean on the scurrilous, outdated stereotype that gay men are by nature sexual predators. I mean, would you have asked this same question if it were Diablo Cody and Kathryn Bigelow at dinner with Mr. Lautner? Leaning on lies, myths and stereotypes about gay people is hateful, harmful and outdated. 

Most recently, Taylor Lautner appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in November, confirming rumors of his split with Lily Collins and admitting he is single.

I have no one currently. Sad, Lautner said.