The handsome Taylor Lautner may be single if a recent report is to be believed.

The 19-year-old actor, who plays a werewolf in love with his rival's girl in the Twilight movie series, has broken up with his girlfriend, Lily Collins, reports Us Weekly.

According to the tabloid, the couple split just a week before the Sept. 15 premiere of their new film, Abduction. Us Weekly ran the report on Sept. 23, which happens to be the day of the release of the movie.

Us Weekly reported that a source confirmed the break up.

It was a clean break that Taylor initiated, said the source, reports Us Weekly.

Apparently the atmosphere was pretty tense at the abduction premiere party.

At the Abduction party, it was awkward, the source told the tabloid. They barely said a word to one another.

The source also added that Lautner wanted to be single for a while so that he could properly move on.

Collins, 22, is the daughter of Phil Collins. She was seen in The Blind Side, where she played Sandra Bullock's daughter.  Lautner and Collins had always been very quiet about their romance.  Neither star nor their reps have actually confirmed the claim, reports the Daily Mail.

Lautner has been romantically linked to singer and actress Taylor Swift, whom he dated in 2009.

Lautner garnered a lot of fame and a huge female following his role as a werewolf in the hugely successful Twilight movies.  Lautner stars as the lead in the action thriller film Abduction, which released on Sept. 23.

In a review by Peter Paras in E! Online, Paras commends Lautner's performance but feels director John Singleton's action scenes fail to deliver.

Taylor Lautner proves he has the skills to become an action star, portraying a teen who finds out his life is a lie, writes Paras.

However, when it comes to direction, Director John Singleton does not have much flair for staging the several car chases and shootouts required for this Fugitive-type tale. Most of the set pieces feel very made-for-TV: strictly medium shots with no real sense of urgency, according to Paras.

The script by first timer Shawn Christensen offers nothing new to the genre of young men, adds Paras.