'Gossip Girl' actress turned rock star, Taylor Momsen, let it all hang out at the Download Festival in England. The star wore a baggy black tank top with nothing underneath of it except what appeared to be electrical tape making x's over her nipples.

The arm holes in the tank top were so big that Taylor's breast were visible and made quite the appearance, causing a stir.

Momsen got her start in acting playing Cindy Loo Who in 'The Grinch' and then good girl gone bad Jenny Humphrey in the hit T.V. show 'Gossip Girl.' Moe recently, Momsen has been touring with her band The Pretty Reckless whose debut album 'Light Me Up' is doing well on the charts. Momsen frequently wears lingerie on stage and encourages female audience members to strip down, but never before has she exposed her full chest.

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