As “One Direction” fans continue to vent their frustrations over the romantic union between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, the couple seems to be ignoring the attention altogether, and were spotted vacationing together in rural England for Swift’s 23rd birthday, reported People.

Much to the chagrin of so-called “directioners,” who have been rooting for the pair to split ways, and sooner rather than later, Swift and Styles have been spotted enjoying each other’s company on a tour around England over the past few days.

On Tuesday night, the couple ventured to the Rising Sun, a country pub in Hope Valley about 170 miles north of London. According to Sarah Walker, the pub’s manager, who spoke to People, Swift and Style were friendly and polite and ate “traditional English food” and were joined by two other friends.

"She was polite and pleasant – fantastic," said Walker. "She is just having a nice tour of England. They were like any typical group of people having dinner. Everyone thinks they are a couple, but to be honest, we had no sense of that at all." 

Walker added that the reported couple sat in an alcove by the open fireplace, and Swift said that she "loved" visiting the United Kingdom, and was "excited about her birthday.”

On Wednesday, the pair were spotted out together again in the Lake District, slightly northwest of Hope Valley. According to Andy Poole, the chief executive at the World of Beatrix Potter, Styles and Swift came into the store and did some shopping. Poole said that Swift, who purchased some stuffed animals, impressed shop clerks as “nice and charming.”

"They were dancing around to the seasonal music being played. Harry was being the most boisterous," said Poole. When asked if either had sung along with the music, Poole said they had not. "They didn’t give any impromptu concert, no!" 

Later, the pair had their picture snapped by fans as they held hands in the streets, and fed seagulls by the seaside. But besides getting to spend the day alongside her new beau, the 23-year-old songwriter had another reason to celebrate. Her song “Safe & Sound,” featuring the Civil Wars, which she wrote for the soundtrack of the 2012 film “The Hunger Games” received a Golden Globe nomination for “Best Original Song.”

Evidently overjoyed, the singer shared the good news with her fans Wednesday morning, tweeting, “Best birthday surprise EVER-just found out that Safe&Sound is nominated for a GOLDEN GLOBE!! Thank you @goldenglobes and HFPA!”