“Haylor Swyles” began to trend on Twitter Wednesday evening since many One Direction fans are upset that country crooner Taylor Swift has been romantically linked to Harry Styles of 1D, thus queue the mangled relationship name: “Haylor Swyles.”

Just to make clear how upset fans are with the rumored fling, they chose a transposed couple name that could easily pass as a venereal disease.

Even hinting that the two singers are actually dating is enough to send Directioners into a fit.

Though she is only 22, Taylor Swift has been linked to some of Hollywood’s finest men. Type “Tyler Swift and” into Google, and names like Conor Kennedy, Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer all pop up.

Even though she dated much older men when she first became famous, Swift seems to have developed an appetite for boys four years younger than her like Conor Kennedy and most recently Harry Styles, making her the bane of most young girls' existence.

Popular tweets regarding “Haylor Swyles” on Twitter were:

“Going down into the "Haylor Swyles" trend... 99% of our fandom hates it. All of these are hilarious. Taywhore... LEAVE!” @Lexie_Lizann said.

“Haylor swyles. Not gonna lie, even the name makes me wanna vomit,” @Tributes4Panem wrote.

“when i hear the name Haylor Swyles, i feel like jumping into a pool of spiders with them slowy eating away at my human flesh,” @amy_smyth_ tweeted.

“Its 12.12.12 and Haylor Swyles is trending. Yep.. We're all gonna die,” @_007directioner posted.

“Haylor Swyles is the reason for the tear drops on my keyboard,” @Higginator mocked one of Taylor Swift’s earlier songs.

“I don't think this fandom has ever hated anything more than Haylor Swyles. That says a lot,” @Directionistas shared. 

Though most Harry Styles fans don't want to believe the rumors, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton had a picture of the unofficial couple together as the featured story on his website, alleging they took a "romantic getaway" together in the United Kingdom.