China has been rocked by two separate teacher abuse incidents. In one case, a teacher was caught on camera abusing her kindergartners for 10 minutes; the second case involved a teacher posting photos online of her abusing her students, including one photo where she is pulling a student by his ears off the ground.

The first incident occurred at the Sky Montessori Kindergarten, located in the city of Taiyuan. In surveillance footage, Li Zhuqing was seen slapping, kicking and pushing students for more than 10 minutes, according to Behind the Wall.

According to Xinhua, China’s state-run news agency, the girl in the footage came home with bruises on her face and body and told her father about the incident on Oct. 15. The teacher was put on a 15-day suspension and the Sky Montessori Kindergarten was closed.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports, 20-year-old Yan Yanhong, a teacher at Blue Sky Kindergarten, located in Zhejiang province, has been fired after posting more than 700 photos of herself abusing her students. Some of the punishments include children being placed in buckets, with their mouths taped shut or their hands taped to the desk, or being forced into contorted positions.

Yan said of one her victims, “I see him as a good friend, and just made fun with him,” reports the Daily Mail. The other teacher, who took the now-infamous photo and uploaded it to the Internet, has been on suspension ,according to Xinhua.

The kindergarten needs to change its practices or it could face harsh penalties. In a statement issued by Wenling City government in Zhejiang, “whether it will be closed down depends on how the rectification goes," reports Xinhua. Teachers at the Blue Sky Kindergarten have been ordered to families of students who were in Yan’s class.

Corporal punishment was once legal in China, but is now banned following a series of reported abuse incidents of schoolchildren, reports The Wall Street Journal.  The police are beginning an investigation of the school system to determine if the abuse is widespread.