By the looks of it, even dogs named after Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos have miraculous powers. A dog named Tebow after God's Quarterback busted smugglers at an Orlando airport transporting a kilogram of cocaine.

According to the Orlando Sun Sentinel, Tebow the airport sniffing dog helped authorities catch a drug trafficker at the Orlando International Airport on Dec. 8 inside of a suitcase. The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation said one kilo of cocaine was hidden inside a stuffed toy in a suitcase.

Police were alerted to 20-year-old Weslie Morales Castro as he fumbled looking for a suitcase as Tebow sniffed out the parcel, alerting officers. Morales Castro said the bag was not his but rather he was being paid to transport the drugs secured in the suitcase. Morales Castro said the bag, which has a luggage tag with the name Jose Garcia on it, was intended to be delivered to a nearby fast-food restaurant.

According to AirTran Airways, Jose Garcia checked a suitcase in Puerto Rico en route to Orlando but never boarded the flight he paid for in cash.

Morales Castro faces charges of selling or distributing a controlled substance and was released from jail on a $25,000 bond.

Tim Tebow not only scores on the field, but has begun a craze known as Tebowing, a term which has entered a dictionary called the Global Language Monitor. The phenomenon has spread across the entire country and gained even more national attention when two Long Island students were suspended for Tebowing in the hallway of their school.

Now, it looks like Tebow has entered the crime fighting dog realm.