Verizon gearing for Palm Pre, iPhone rollout in 2010: Report

Verizon Wireless is set to roll out the Palm Pre early next year and is reported to be also making upgrades to its network to accommodate the Apple iPhone, according to media reports released Friday. See full article.

Google in talks to buy Yelp

Google is in talks to acquire Yelp Inc, an Internet local search and review provider, according to published reports. The companies have conducted talks in past years, but in recent months the discussions have become serious, the New York Times said, citing people with knowledge of the deal. See full article.

'Iranian Cyber Army' hacks Twitter, posts anti-US messages

Twitter users who tried to log into their accounts on Thursday were unable to access their pages, but were instead greeted with the words Iranian Cyber Army after the popular micro-blogging site suffered a hacking attack. See full article.

Powerful Avatar Stuns the Eye, Seduces the Heart

Even if it had a crappy story, shallow characters and lame dialogue, James Cameron’s 3-D spectacle Avatar would earn a big “wow!” solely on the strength of its awe-inducing visuals. See full article.

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Amazon's Kindle reader breaks monthly sales record

U.S. Internet retailer Inc said on Thursday that its Kindle electronic book reader posted its best sales yet in the month of December, as the battle for the digital reader market heats up. See full article.

Verizon: ETF Policies Protect Customers

Verizon Wireless recently increased the early termination fee (ETF) for advanced devices to $350 in order to recoup costs associated with advertising, sales commissions, store costs, and building out its network, the wireless provider said Friday. See full article.