Republican presidential contenders Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry rallied before a crowd of thousands to dismiss the recent same-sex marriage ruling and call for changes in Washington, D.C. The event, called the “We Stand With God, Pro-Family Rally,” was held at 11 a.m. Saturday at the South Carolina State House in Columbia.

“For generations, this city was taught right from wrong in our synagogues, in our churches. We see these under attacks today, literally the foundation of America is under attack from those on the left. It’s under attack from Washington, D.C.,” Perry said during the event, according to a live video stream on Periscope taken by rally attendee Jay Shuler.

The rally was organized for “promoting faith’s liberty, family values, [the] forefathers’ constitution and the future of our nation,” according to the event’s official Twitter account, @profamilyrally. More than 10,000 people were reportedly in attendance, security told the event's organizers.


Perry called for a change in Washington and said that the “Supreme Court is out of control.” He did not announce any major changes in what could be done -- or direct specific instances except the recent ruling that permitted same-sex marriage for United States citizens under the Constitution. “Jesus is angry. I’m angry,” Perry said of the ruling.

But Cruz said that if elected to the United States presidency -- which he and 16 other Republican contenders are running for -- he would push for a constitutional amendment that would reverse the issue and ensure that states can choose to ban same-sex marriage, South Carolina newspaper The State reported.

Cruz also addressed videos that allegedly show fetal issue from abortions being sold. The videos include top-level doctors and executives of Planned Parenthood, the nonprofit for reproductive health that has been battling against funding cuts in states and has faced criticism for GOP contenders, like Cruz, for performing abortions.

Rev. Mark Harris, a pastor of the First Baptist Church Charlotte, was the first speaker on stage, The State reports. South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, a Republican who was appointed in 2013, also attended and spoke on stage at the rally, which shut down many of the city’s streets near the capital.

“This nation can be renewed,” Perry said. “Are you ready? Onward, Christian soldiers!”