On Tuesday night, viewers of “Teen Mom 2” tuned in to see what their favorite young mothers were up to during the season 5 premiere.

In the trailer for the new season, Jenelle Evans said that she would get an abortion. She explains that it wouldn’t be fair to her son, Jace, to have another baby considering she doesn't even have custody of him.

The reality star, who is an avid Twitter user, saves all the drama for the MTV cameras. Fans got to watch her mom Barbara drive her to the clinic to get the abortion pill, and Jenelle explained how it would force her to miscarry. Jenelle also opened up about her addiction to heroin and how she had been attempting to recover from the narcotic. Barbara tries to have a talk to her daughter about birth control and money, but as many of their conversations go, the talk soon turns into an argument.

Fights are pretty common on “Teen Mom 2,” and Chelsea Houska found herself in a heated discussion with ex Adam Lind. The father of her child is having a baby with another woman, and Chelsea is not pleased. She’s concerned about how she will explain the half-sister to Aubree and doesn’t want to get her daughter’s hopes up -- she’s afraid Aubree, 4, will think she’ll be able to see the baby all the time. When Chelsea and Adam meet, he tries to tell her that Aubree will see the baby as much as she sees him. The two then begin to fight about how much time Adam spends with their daughter, and he ultimately threatens to take her to court to get visiting rights.

The topic of visitation rights is something Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin knows all too much about. Her new husband, Javi, is stationed in Delaware and would only be able to see Kail on the weekends if she weren’t allowed to move out of the state. The major problem here is that Joe, the father of her son Isaac, doesn’t want to be so far away from their child. Their storyline leaves off with Kail planning to go to court once more to determine if she will be allowed to start a family away from Joe. In one scene, Kail’s friend candidly asks if Kail thinks starting a family away from Joe is what would be best for Isaac, and for her. Naturally, Kail said it would be best for everyone.

Leah Calvert’s life has changed drastically since the cameras last filmed her. She married her fiancée Jeremy and had a baby with him, who they named Addalynn. But she’s not the only one who has moved on. Her twins’ father, Corey Sims, has also gotten remarried since their divorce and the two little girls were involved in his wedding. Leah said that she was happy for him to start a new chapter in his life and can’t believe that her life is moving so fast. She said it felt like just yesterday that she was with Corey. Though there are rumors about Jeremy and Leah getting a divorce, in the episode they put on a strong front. Leah and Corey also got a diagnosis for their daughter Aliannah -- she has a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy, which might force her into a wheelchair one day. 

Check out the next episode of “Teen Mom 2” on Tuesday, January 28, at 10/9c on MTV.

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