Jenelle, Kailyn, Chelsea and Leah … Oh, my! The girls of MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” are returning for their fifth season on Tuesday, Jan. 21, and they are bringing A LOT of drama with them.

The network has just released a brand new promo video for Season 5, and fans should brace themselves for the shocking upcoming episodes. So, what can viewers expect? We’re breaking down the top 8 OMG moments from the trailer. 

Jenelle’s Pregnant

“So I went to the doctor the other day, and they were like ‘you’re pregnant,’” Jenelle Evans tells a friend. Jenelle is far from the first “Teen Mom” to get pregnant again, but what makes this scene “OMG” worthy is that the 21-year-old doesn’t even have custody of her four-year-old son, Jace.

Kailyn’s Big Year

“Teen Mom 2” fans already know that Kailyn Lowry had a second baby boy in November, but what some don’t know is that she was pregnant while marrying Javi Marroquin … and in the middle of buying a house. If that wasn’t enough stress for a mom-to-be, Kailyn also has drama with her mom (whom she didn’t want to invite to her wedding) and Jo, Isaac’s father.

Chelsea’s Heartbreak

Chelsea Houska has been through a lot with her baby daddy, Adam. But despite their hardships, Chelsea was crushed to learn that Adam was going to be a new father with girlfriend Taylor Halbur.

“I’m starting my life with Taylor,” Adam says in the promo video.

With Aubree about to become a big sister, Chelsea’s not okay with Taylor being in her daughter’s life. “B**** is not a stepmom,” Chelsea tells a friend. And while some might think that Chelsea is just concerned for her daughter, Adam believes that his baby momma is just jealous.

“She’s heartbroken because she still wanted a fantasy life of me and her,” Adam explains.

Baby Ali’s Disability

“I think it’s nothing,” Leah’s ex-husband, Corey, says of baby Ali’s disability. “Ali’s only five.”

But Leah’s heartbroken at the thought that her daughter may one day be confined to a wheelchair as her health worsens.

Jenelle Has An Abortion?

“It would be selfish to Jace to have another child,” Jenelle says, in the trailer, about her pregnancy. “I decided that I am going to get an abortion.” “Teen Mom 2” fans know that Jenelle is now pregnant -- so did she go through with the abortion or become pregnant again?

New Love For Jenelle

Surprisingly, a pregnancy isn’t the only big Jenelle news -- she’s also found new love. “I just want to settle down with someone that actually wants to settle down too,” she says. And it appears that she might have found that special someone with new boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

“I’ve never found a girl like you,” Nathan tells her in the trailer.

But no love is perfect. “You constantly talk to girls all the time,” Jenelle yells at Nathan in the video.

However, additional clips show that Nathan might be perfect for Jenelle, as he confronts Babs over getting Jenelle on heroin. “I didn’t put a needle in her arm,” Babs yells back.

Leah’s Money Problems

Unfortunately for Leah, she has more to worry about than baby Ali. All the visits to the doctor seem to be putting a strain on her relationship with her husband, Jeremy Calvert.

“I feel like all you think about is money,” the mom tries to reason with him, as she fears that Jeremy is going to file for divorce.

Chelsea Vs. Adam

“I’m taking you’re a** to court,” Adam warns Chelsea. And he’s serious -– because Chelsea received legal papers from her ex.

“Teen Mom 2” Season 5 premieres on MTV on Tuesday, Jan. 21. Watch the promo video below and let us know what you think in the comments section, or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.