Leah Messer’s ex-husband, Corey Simms, did not tamper with school documents during the custody battle for their 6-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah, sources told Radar Online. In October, reports surfaced that the “Teen Mom 2” star lost the primary custody of her daughters.

Simms and his wife, Miranda Patterson, are reportedly taking care of Ali and Aleeah during the week, while Messer gets a time limited to just weekends to spend with her children. According to Radar Online, Messer is hoping to regain the primary custody of her children during a court hearing next month on the basis that her children’s school records were forged.

“He did not fudge the school records. That would be impossible,” a source close to Simms told Radar Online, adding that the attendance records were not false. “It’s true, Leah failed to get the girls to school on time.”

The custody battle between Simms and Messer is reportedly turning out to be nasty. Radar Online reported, citing sources, that Messer received the next hearing after she was able to prove to school supervisors that the attendance records provided by Simms were inaccurate, and that the girls were marked late or absent despite being present in their West Virginia classroom.

In October, Us Weekly reported that Messer strongly believes that Simms and his wife forged some school records to win the custody case.

Messer is rumored to be dating West Virginia-based personal trainer T. R. Dues. She has another child with Jeremy Calvert with whom she divorced in June.