The boyfriends on “Teen Mom” are getting paychecks, so one of them says, and if that’s true it changes everything. If anyone was questioning the boyfriends’ motives, it all makes sense now.

Just one example: Leah Messer seems like a nice enough girl, but she also cheated on her fiancé multiple times, including the week before they got married. Not to mention that she had twin daughters before she could legally drink a beer. It’s not easy to find a guy who would put up with that, but she somehow found Jeremy Calvert, who wanted not only to say “to death do us part,” but also to make her a mommy again.

Gary Head, Jenelle Evans’ on-again, off-again love, tweeted that he’s getting $1,500 for appearing on the MTV reality show. That won't let him retire to the Bahamas, but it’s not nothing, either. The guys who amp up the drama of “Teen Mom” could just be hanging around the young mothers for a paycheck.

Head has made only a few appearances on the show, so who knows how much someone like Calvert or Maci Bookout’s ex-boyfriend Kyle King got paid for their stints on the “Teen Mom” series.

There are varying reports on how much the “Teen Moms” themselves make per season, with salaries from $60,000 to $750,000 being tossed around. If you multiply that by the four seasons each of the teen moms has appeared, they’re looking at about $240,000 to $300,000 altogether. These ladies certainly are not poor any longer, and they’re definitely enjoying their own degree of fame.

Courtland Rogers, Evans’ estranged husband, got “Almost Famous” tattooed across his stomach after meeting her.

It’s not that MTV shouldn’t pay these guys -- they are an essential part of the show -- but getting paid has to muddle the relationship between the “Teen Mom” and whatever guy she is seeing. Both parties have to be wary of who really loves them, and who is just there for a paycheck and fame.