Early previews for MTV's "Teen Mom OG" suggest this is going to be a dramatic season, especially for Farrah Abraham. New clips, released by the network, show the mother-of-one getting defensive with boyfriend Simon Saran during what should be a romantic dinner date. 

As was reported by Us Weekly, Farrah, 24, and Simon will reunite in Season 5 of the MTV hit reality series. A new clip shows the couple having a discussion about some of the problems in their relationship, with a strong focus on communication. Simon will suggest that he and Farrah try to get a better understanding of one another, which doesn't sit well with his girlfriend. She quickly quips back that he should open his ears "and understand and listen" more. In a rage she tells him he often ignores her and other people's feelings without any remorse. Simon attempts to calm her, telling her he was simply trying to make a point before she gave "a hostile answer." Farrah then calls him a "b----" while sarcastically apologizing.

"I"m trying to explain something to you, but you come out with a hostile answer, and you just don't listen. You don't let me finish," Simon says. 

Farrah's issues won't only be with her beau this season. A clip released on Dec. 24 shows her verbally duking it out with her producer Larry Musnik. In the video Farrah attempts to run over her producer after attempting to flee an event over what appears to be branding issues. In the clip Farrah appears to have no interest in working things out, getting parking lot security involved. She then speeds off, telling the "Teen Mom OG" crew to "go eat s---."

It appears, however, that things are going much better in Farrah's personal life than they are on-camera. As was previously reported she plans to adopt a baby boy or girl. Farrah claims her daughter Sophia is thrilled about the prospect of being a big sister. She adds that the 6-year-old has been "very supportive" and "accepting."

"Teen Mom OG" premieres Monday, Jan. 4 at 10 p.m. EST.