We can’t get enough of “Teen Wolf,” so of course we'll be sinking our teeth into the next episode following “Riddled.” Seriously, as if episode 18 of the Jeff Davis series didn’t have enough drama lurking around every corner, MTV has decided to step it up even more in next week’s show, “Letharia Vulpina.”

So, what exactly is Letharia Vulpina? Well, according to reports, it’s a fungus, better known as wolf lichen. Letharia Vulpina is a yellow-green shrubby plant that grows on the bark of living and dead conifers. The species is said to be historically used as a poison for wolves and foxes due to the vulpinic acid in the fungus, which gives the plant its distinctive bright color.

‘Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoilers: Episode 19 Synopsis Leaked "Teen Wolf" leaks its season 3, episode 19 synopsis along with a hint of what could possible cure Stiles. Photo: Creative Commons

With that said, what does fungus have to do with episode 19 of “Teen Wolf”? Well, we think we have an idea:

From Monday’s episode, we learned that Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) might be a nogitsune — well, at least according to Aiden he is. Let us break it down for you: There are 2 different classifications and 13 different types of species of kitsune (fox), including yako, which translates into “field foxes” ... which is better known as nogitsune. Nogitsunes are mischievous or malicious foxes that usually have trouble trailing their every footstep. And from the looks of “Riddled,” it seems that poor Stiles has been possessed by a nogitsune.

Stiles, who has remained human throughout the supernatural three-season series, might have his chance to shine in the world of mythical creatures. But not in the way you might think. Could Stiles be “Teen Wolf”'s newest enemy? We know he’s doing everything in his power to fight the nogitsune living inside him to save his friends, but eventually he’ll grow weaker and the kitsune will grow stronger. That even leaves the possibility open that Stiles’ friends might have to sacrifice him in order to protect the group.

But we doubt “Teen Wolf” would get rid of Scott’s best bud. So our theory is that the group will learn what the kitsune’s weakness is: Letharia Vulpina. Perhaps they’ll use the deadly fungus to save Stiles from the nogitsune crawling under his skin. Gross.

The official synopsis for season 3, episode 19 bolsters our prediction by indicating “Scott and others try to prevent a disaster” while “Lydia and Allison seek out an unlikely teacher.” Could the teacher they find help them destroy the nogitsune?

Find out when “Teen Wolf” returns to MTV on Feb. 17 at 10 p.m. ET and let us know your prediction of what will happen in the comments section below.