You’ll never believe who “Teen Wolf” killed off in episode 23, “Insatiable.” For a few weeks now, the hit MTV series has been hinting the death of a “hero” that would occur before the Season 3 finale. But never in a million years did we think Jeff Davis would kill off this beloved character. No, it wasn’t Stiles or Derek—the fallen hero was Crystal Reed’s feisty character, Allison Argent. We’ll wait a moment while you catch your breath.

So, how did Allison die in episode 23? Well, the brunette beauty ended up being killed after an Oni stuck its sword right into her stomach. After collapsing to the ground, Scott rushed over a moment too late holding the love of his life in his arms as she passed away. The scene was truly heartbreaking—and not just for fans. The cast revealed their knee-buckling reactions to the shocking death in a video they put together before they had to say goodbye to Allison for good.

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“I know that episode 23 would be my last episode,” Reed revealed solemnly. “I remember texting Jeff and asking him about it and he said he was writing it and that it was really difficult for him to write because he wanted to make me proud and make Allison proud.”

Tyler Posey, who plays the adorable “Teen Wolf,” then admitted his initial reaction to Allison’s death.

“When I first found out that Allison was going to have a death scene I was absolutely shocked. I felt like an audience member of the show because I had no idea that it was going to happen,” he said.

We can second that. We were completely flabbergasted when we saw Allison drop to her knees after getting stabbed.

“I’m feeling really sad,” Reed said, tearing up. “Because I love Allison so much.  She’s such a young person and she died really abruptly.”

Due to Allison’s unexpected demise, MTV has created a “Teen Wolf” memorial website ( where fans can pay their respects. You can scroll throughout the commemorative site to “experience her life on ‘Teen Wolf’” by listening to cast stories, seeing her greatest moments and submitting eulogies.

What would your last words to Allison be? Write them in the comments section below and watch the video of the actress’ last scene on “Teen Wolf.” We dare you to try not to cry.

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