The “Teen Wolf” Season 4 finale airs on Monday, and the show has a lot of questions to answer. The supernatural drama has been building up some mysteries all season, while a few others have been building for the entire series. In the extended finale, fans are hoping that they’ll finally get some answers. Here are the questions we hope to see answered in the finale.

1. Will Derek return to being a normal werewolf or will he stay powerless? Of course, that’s if he stays alive.

2. What is Deputy Jordan Parrish? Humans don’t survive being burned alive. Is he a phoenix? A dragon? Daenerys Targaryen?

3. Will Liam join the pack? Scott is going to need some major help in the finale since the alpha is the one who needs to be saved.

4. Where is Danny? Did the writers think they could just have another secondary gay character and no one would notice Danny’s disappearance?

5. Who is the Desert Wolf? And why did she think sleeping with Peter was a good idea?

6. Will Melissa McCall be able to solve her and Scott’s financial problems? We’re guessing she can’t afford the time off work to go to Mexico to save Scott.

7. Will Lydia gain more control over her powers? She'll need her powers to bring Deaton back from his coma and to help the pack find Scott and Kira.

8. Can Malia kill Kate? Malia has worked really hard to adapt to human life, but Kate’s death would bring her closer to her birth mom.

9. Why can’t Peter kill Kate? He wants to be the alpha, but he can’t kill one psychotic werejaguar on his own?

10. Will Kira and Scott ever get a real date? These kids just can’t catch a break.

11. Why would Kate turn Scott into a Berserker? Seriously, why wouldn’t she just kill him?

12. Will Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall finally get together? The kids are conveniently in Mexico, so it seems like a perfect opportunity.

13. Is a major character going to die? We’re still recovering from Allison’s death, but Lydia’s banshee scream usually means someone is about to die. The future isn't looking good for Derek.

“Teen Wolf” Season 4 finale, titled “Smoke & Mirrors,” will air Monday, Sept. 8, at 10 p.m. on MTV. What questions do you want answered? Let us know in the comments section below!