“Teen Wolf” Season 4 will be getting a huge ending in episode 12. The season finale will be one hour and 15 minutes long, according to BuzzFeed Senior Editor Jarett Wieselman.

He heard it straight from “Teen Wolf” showrunner Jeff Davis, so it looks like a sure thing. However, MTV has yet to release an official statement on the running time of the Season 4 finale. Actually, MTV has yet to release anything at all about the Season 4 finale.  

Earlier this summer, we reported that there was a title and episode synopsis for each Season 4 episode except the finale. The network has yet to announce even a title for Season 4 episode 12, though rumors have surfaced that it will be called "The Broken Spell." The finale will air on Sept. 8, but what will happen?

Episode 10 revealed that Peter wanted to kill Scott so he could become the alpha, which is reminiscent of Season 1. Davis has explained that Season 4 will very much tie into Season 1, beyond just the arrival of Kate and Peter’s return to his evil roots. “[The Benefactor reveal] brings up big questions answered in the final three episodes—events that go back to the very first season of Teen Wolf, with secrets revealed about what happened after the Hale fire,” Davis told Entertainment Weekly.

If Peter still holds a grudge from the Hale fire, Peter’s alliance with Kate might not be genuine. She was the one who set the house on fire, killing various members of Peter and Derek’s family. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like MTV will be confirming anyone's theories before the episode airs. We'll just have to wait until the finale to find out what Peter will do.

“Teen Wolf” Season 4 episode 12 will air Monday, Sept. 8, at 10 p.m. on MTV. What do you think will happen in the finale? Share your theories below!