“Teen Wolf” has been delivering plenty of shocks this season, but the biggest one is still to come. Fans desperately want to know: Who is the Benefactor?

The powerful villain stole the Hale family’s fortune and is using the money to pay off assassins who kill supernatural beings listed on a deadpool. The Benefactor figured out the identities of everyone in Beacon County with supernatural powers, but no one knows who the evil villain is. That won’t stop us from guessing, though. Here are our theories on the identity of the Benefactor:

Lydia’s Grandmother

She's the most likely candidate right now. Scott determined in episode 8 that the Benefactor must be a banshee in order to predict death. The Benefactor knew that Scott wasn’t dead, despite a doctor actually declaring time of death and putting him in the morgue. Right after Scott made this realization, Lydia discovered that her banshee grandmother helped write the computer code for the deadpool. Her grandmother was thought to be dead, but Lydia thinks she is very much alive. The big reveal could mean that Lydia's grandmother is the Benefactor, or she might just be helping the Benefactor. We're sure she's involved in the mystery somehow.

Peter Hale

Sure, he said he wasn’t the Benefactor, but since when does anyone believe Peter? He’s a crazy murderer. This season, Peter has made it clear that he wants to be the alpha. He wants power, and taking out every supernatural being in Beacon Hills seems like a great way to get it. He claims that he and Kate are both looking for the Benefactor, but he might just want to throw her off. She isn’t going to suspect him if they’re working together.

In episode 8, Peter was happy, almost relieved, that Scott was alive. Why would Peter want him alive? Well, Scott has a very high price on his head. Scott’s fake death meant that Peter could keep his money.

Gerard Argent

Gerard is actually just sitting in a nursing home somewhere. He has been pretty much immobile since an incident with a kanima in Season 2, so the Benefactor would be the perfect villain for him -- He can type behind a computer screen. Since Gerard is a hunter, fans already understand his motive. He hates supernatural beings and wants to kill them all. He would definitely need some help (maybe from Lydia’s grandmother?), but Gerard has the motive to kill, especially since Allison’s death. Perhaps his granddaughter’s life kept him calm, but now that she’s gone, what reason does he have to follow her wishes?

Allison Argent

Allison would never have killed supernatural beings without reason while she was alive… but zombie Allison might. We haven’t seen zombies on “Teen Wolf” yet, and wouldn’t that be a great way to bring back Allison? Alright, so we have no evidence this will happen. We just really want Crystal Reed to return to the show. Allison died a supernatural death and Beacon Hills is a pit of mystical energy. Nothing is impossible.

“Teen Wolf” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. Who do you think the Benefactor is? Share your theories in the comments section below!