"Teen Wolf” will prove once again just how terrifying it can be when the hit MTV series airs episode 3, “Muted” on Monday, July 7, at 10 p.m. EDT. If you’ve been craving even more “Teen Wolf” thrills and chills, writer Jeff Davis has a real, bloody surprise for you.

The synopsis for episode 3 begins by suggesting “a new freshman lacrosse player will jeopardize Scott’s position on the team.”

“What is he like, a werecheetah?” we hear Stiles quip out of breath while talking about the quick-paced athlete. “Is that even a thing?”

But soon comedy will turn into disaster when Beacon Hill gets visited by a savage murderer. Sheriff Stilinski will be on the case, but not before someone from town loses their life. From a sneak peek of episode 3 – and the episode’s obvious title – we have a feeling the mystery killer might be the mouthless man we spotted in the promo.

Fans have speculated that this mutated entity is an Astomi, a creature from Greek and Roman mythology who is said to have no need to eat or drink. These ancient people survive by smell. Maybe the newest enemy on “Teen Wolf” thrives off the smell of fear, just as the Nogitsune survived perilous situations. And from the trailer of episode 3, there’s a lot of fear to be sniffed up when “Teen Wolf” returns. Just check out the clip below of a “Teen Wolf” hottie getting spooked in episode 3 by a killer with a bloody ax. Animal lovers be warned.

Scott’s mother, Melissa, will also find herself in trouble when something drags her unwillingly through the eerie hospital. Will the Alpha sense his mother’s trouble and save her before it’s too late? We have a feeling he will – but not before Melissa gets bloodied and battered.

What do you think is going to happen in episode 3?

Sound off in the comments section below with your predictions for “Muted” and don’t forget to tune into “Teen Wolf” when the series returns Monday, July 7.