Tyler Posey was candid during a recent interview where he shared his pet peeves, as well as some of his favorite things. He even revealed his favorite word that was surprisingly a swear word and even accidentally unveiled the profane term he calls himself.

In a video interview posted on The Wrap, the “Teen Wolf” participated in the rapid fire “Drinking with the Stars” series where he answered several questions in the quickest time possible. Initially questions were on his favorite color, along with his favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. He responded blue and “Collateral Damage,” respectively. He also revealed that he was more of a night owl, although he did say that he can also be a morning and night person.

Things got interesting when he revealed what his favorite word was. When asked about it, Posey paused for a quick moment before stating a four-letter swear word that started with an “F.” He then appeared slightly embarrassed and mad at himself over his revelation. Posey even called himself an “a------“ because of his favorite word.

The rapid fire questioning continued on with more revelations from the actor. One of it involved him being a boxer briefs kind-of-guy, while another had him admitting that he liked puppies more than kittens. The quick question-and-answer round hit a lull when Posey was asked to share his pet peeves. He stated two things. The first was “d--- drivers” since he described himself as a very cautious driver. The other involve commercials that were “supposed to look real [but] it never looks real.” Posey added that he hated those two things “with a lot of passion.”

He also made mention of the names of two fans, when asked about crazy fan moments. Posey even shared that he loved seeing them during fan conventions. Posey also picked Jennifer Lopez over Nicki Minaj when asked to choose between the two. On social media accounts, the actor chose Instagram over Twitter.

Meanwhile, Posey recently participated in a lip sync battle with model Gigi Hadid. On the “Lip Sync Battle” show that aired on Feb. 25, Posey sang classic rock hits against Hadid’s pop rock. Although Posey rocked the stage with his lip sync version of Harvey Danger’s “Flagpole Sitta” and A-Ha’s hit “Take On Me,” Hadid won the competition with her performance of Ting Tings’ “That's Not My Name” and Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life.”