Temple University and Philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that occurred Thursday night on the Philadelphia campus. The shooting, which occurred around 6:30 pm, was a fatal self-inflicted gunshot to the head by a 25-year-old male.

The man was not a current Temple student, said school officials, but it's possible he may have been enrolled previously. Police say the incident happened along the 1900 block of Liacouras Walk in front of a dozen students.

Temple informed their students of the shooting on campus via text at around 6:50 pm. A tweet was released by Temple University at 7:13 pm:

Liacouras Walk scene is safe. No danger to university community. Police activity will continue. Avoid the area.

Temple University's student newspaper, the Temple News spoke to students that were near Liacouras Walk at the time of the shooting. I heard a gunshot and I looked and just saw someone standing [upright], said Nathaniel Fox, a senior geography and urban studies major. Then he just crumbled and fell on the ground...he looked like a young guy, younger than me. I'll never look at that spot the same, said Fox, I never would have thought I would see that. In that split second I saw him die.

Temple University has unfortunately been familiar with suicide on their campus. In 2003, former Temple student Sean Walker 2, attempted a murder-suicide on the campus. Walker walked to Vivacqua Hall, an administrative building and shot Cory Miller, 20, twice. Walker then fatally shot himself.

This past August, a Temple University graduate committed suicide. Roswell Friend, 22, wrote on his Facebook wall I'm sorry everyone, before he disappeared Thursday night, August 18th. His body was found Monday August 22, in the Delaware River in New Jersey.

According to everydayhealth.com, Suicide is the second most common death among college students. The website also states that about 10% of students with clinical depression contemplate suicide. It's important to look for warning signs of students considering suicide.

Signs of suicide can be difficulty handling homework, changes in sleeping and eating habits, disinterest in activities that used to be enjoyable, lack of energy and emotional outbursts. Everydayhealth.com also states that substance abuse and relationship changes are warning signs of depression that could lead to suicidal thoughts. If someone mentions suicide, get help immediately.