Terrelle Pryor had his five-game suspension upheld on Friday.

The NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell upheld Terrelle Pryor's five-game suspension on Friday, Goodell said in a news release.

I believe it is a fair conclusion that he intentionally took steps to ensure that he would be declared ineligible for further college play and would be able to enter the NFL via the supplemental draft, Goodell said in the release.

Not that the decision carries heavy implications at this point, anyway. The Oakland Raiders rookie quarterback Pryor has already served three games of the five-game suspension and is firmly entrenched behind starter Jason Campbell and backup Kyle Boller on the quarterback depth chart.

The Raiders selected Pryor in the third round of this year's NFL supplemental draft. He entered the supplemental draft after reports of improper benefits during his three-year stint at Ohio State became highly publicized.

But Goodell ruled that Pryor improperly manipulated the NFL's rules in entering the supplemental draft. And so, days before the draft, Goodell suspended Pryor in what was a controversial move. Critics argued that Goodell simply carried over his would-be college suspension even though no laws were broken.

According to ESPN, the NFL Players Association will file a non-injury grievance on behalf of Pryor in response.

So, to recap: Goodell suspends Pryor. Pryor appeals. Goodell hears the appeal, without Pryor present, on Sept. 15. Goodell takes 15 days -- two games -- to respond. Goodell finds that his original ruling was a good ruling.