Tesla's upcoming Model 3 will be unveiled on Mar. 31 in Los Angeles, says the official Twitter update.

The car maker has apparently sent out invites to various media houses confirming the announcement date. The Tesla Model 3 is an ambitious project of the company and Elon Musk to make electric motoring affordable to masses.

So far, Tesla has released three stand-out cars. This includes the well-received Tesla Roadster, which is not being produced anymore, followed by the sedan Model S and the very recent Model X SUV crossover. When the Model 3 gets released, it will become the most inexpensive car produced by Tesla at that point.

Speaking of pricing, even though, the car maker has not confirmed the final price yet, it did promise that the base model of this series will start at roughly $35,000. This figure is before federal and state subsidies. With subsidies in tow, the Tesla Model 3 price could be in the ballpark of $30k. The price could be even lesser in some states, Slash Gear reported.

At the launch event, Tesla will apparently showcase the Model 3 prototype and not the actual car. However, the prototype will be functional and not just a demo piece. To top it off, the representatives of media houses will be able to drive the prototype around to get the hang of it.

In any case, the press will not be allowed to question Tesla CEO Elon Musk and there is no Q&A session on the cards. The rumor is that the car might be camouflaged to hide the design.

Upon release, Tesla’s Model 3 will apparently be competing with the power-packed Chevrolet Bolt EV. As the price of Tesla looks very convincing for the first time, all eyes are on the Model 3.

Here is the tweet confirming the Model 3 launch date: