Wildfires in Texas and Oklahoma have prompted evacuations, the Associated Press reported.

The Oklahoma fire, whose source remains unknown, was contained Tuesday evening after hundreds of homes were evacuated, Reuters reported.

Strong winds fueled the fire in northeastern Oklahoma City, a more rural part of the city.

There are red flag warnings in central Oklahoma and northern Texas, according to Oklahoma Forestry Services. A red flag warning means there is a combination of high to extreme fire danger and a fire weather pattern such as low relative humidity, dry and unstable air, and strong, shifting winds.

Texas remains on alert, as several fires have yet to be contained. The Texas Forest Service has issued burn bans on 251 of the state's 254 counties.

A fire in the town of Watson in Burnett County has burned through 300 acres and has been 75 percent contained, the TFS reported on its Web site.

Another fire in Nuding in Stonewall County, 10 miles northeast of Jayton, has been contained by 60 percent after burning through 2,200 acres. The TFS said no structures were threatened.

A complex of several fires has been 60 percent contained in Coryell County. This complex started when someone towed a barbecue pit. It has spread through 1,535 acres, the TFS said.

Yesterday, a fire 17 miles northwest of Beaumont Hardin County was contained, according to the Texas Forest Service. It burned 275 acres.

We're in severe drought conditions, so just the tiniest little spark can start a wildfire, Texas Forest Service spokeswoman April Saginor said, the AP reported.