Police have not been able to find dead bodies from the premises of a farm house in Hardin, Texas, which was tipped to hide a 'mass grave', according to the latest reports.

After extensive searches the police have been able to confirm that there were no dead bodies, and no evidence of any crime at the scene, contrary to the claims of a psychic tipster that as many as 30 dismembered dead bodies were buried in a mass grave in the property that belonged to a truck driver.

“With the assistance of various agencies out here at the scene ... we were able to search the premises after the arrival of a search warrant, and we have no indication that there are in fact any bodies located in the residence, the shed, or any property here at the scene, spokesman for Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Rex Evans said.

However, Evans said some of the information provided by the tipster specifically match the information the investigators found at the scene. He said the police will find and question the psychic who called in to pass on the information about a mass grave.

Conflicting early reports had sent the media into a tizzy late on Tuesday. At one point there were reports that as many as 20 dead bodies were found from the property. Speculation was rife after it was reported that blood stains were found in the farmhouse.

The property owner Joe Bankson, who was contacted by KHOU-TV, said his daughter and her fiancé had lived in the farm house and that his daughter's fiancé had attempted to commit suicide a couple of weeks ago by cutting his wrist.

Bankson also revealed that he has got a son who is a sex convicted sex offender. However Bankson maintained that his son was away from this place for at least a year.

A tipster, who claims to be a psychic had alerted the police on Tuesday that there was a mass grave in the farm house where 25 to 30 bodies were buried.