One of the biggest holidays in the calendar year is back! As Thanksgiving approaches and Christmas is all set to follow, this is a good time to be a passionate beer lover!

To begin with, Thanksgiving is usually best accompanied by some quality brewed beer and relished with friends and family. This is certainly the best time of the season to break out those delicious imported brews and indulge in some truly premier brands of the beverage.

On most occasions, we're quite content with the odd Budweiser or Miller Light. On Thanksgiving, however, we rather doubt if a normal beer can do the trick.

Here, therefore, are some great options that can kick-start your celebrations in just the right spirit.

A smooth and perfect appetizer, the Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold is an excellent brew, which strikes a delicate balance between the sweet malt and dry hop flavors. If that isn't your cup of tea, try a fresh ice-cold, Straub beer that complements the festive character of the day. If all else fails, then consider the chocolaty, creamy and oh-so satisfying Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock.

Speaking of flavors, there is a huge range of beer in a number of flavors; this next one is for all the coffee lovers. Foundres Breakfast Stout can so wonderfully ignite your mood for the feast ahead. If you want something a bit more delicate... something with a balance between fruit and spice, you might try the Unibroue Éphémère Apple.

However, with just one day left for the big day, if you're feeling classically inclined and can't wait to hop on the classic beer, try the Sam Adams Boston Lager - a beautifully balanced beer and perfect for that vital kick. The New Belgium 1554 Black Ale is a good choice for dark beer lovers, made as it is from dark chocolaty malts with just a hint of sweetness, making it a soft and pleasant drink for the nights. The Beligian-style Tripple can also be a good choice. Then, of course, there is the Allagash Curieux, with the curiously interesting mix of coconut, vanilla and hints of bourbon.

Try everything on the list and you may find that the stuffed turkey has never tasted quite so good. So... go ahead and pair these exquisite beers with those delicious and mouth-watering dishes and have a great day to kick-start the festive season.