• iPhone 5 Release Date Sees Launch Of 5 New Apple Stores Around The Globe

    September 18 2012 2:50 PM EDT

    To celebrate the release date of the all-new iPhone 5 this Friday, Apple will also open five brand-new retail stores that very day in five different countries, including cities in Spain, France, Italy, and Germany. Apple will begin selling the iPhone 5 at 8 a.m. sharp local time in all 390 of its worldwide stores, but five of those stores will be opening their doors for the very first time. Here's a little bit about each of the five Apple Stores set to open later this week. iPhone 5 Release D...

  • Apple iOS 6 Release: A Complete Guide To The 200 New Features

    September 17 2012 5:41 PM EDT

    At Apple's media event in San Francisco on Wednesday, the Cupertino, Calif.-based computer company announced the newest mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod -- also known as iOS 6 -- will be released as a free update to iOS users two days prior to the launch of the iPhone 5, on Wednesday, Sept. 19. The iPhone 5 will release this Friday, Sept. 21. There are more than 200 new features coming to iOS 6. Here, we do our best to outline all of the biggest features right here for you. A...

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Tipped For Early 2013; Galaxy S3 Successor Rumored To Feature Larger Screen

    September 17 2012 5:38 PM EDT

    The tech world is still buzzing over Samsung?s Galaxy S3, but a new rumor suggests that its successor, the Galaxy S4, will have a February 2013 release date. The next-generation flagship smartphone is said to be unveiled at a European technology expo this winter, company officials and local parts suppliers said to the Korea Times.

  • Microsoft Surface Tablet Price Hinted By Steve Ballmer; Rumors Indicated Lower Cost For Windows RT Device

    September 17 2012 12:41 PM EDT

    Microsoft is venturing deeper into the mobile industry with its upcoming Surface tablet, set for an Oct. 26 release date along its next-gen operating system, Windows 8. The official price for the Surface tablet still remains a mystery, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has shared some insight as to the role of cost when it comes to determining a device?s quality.

  • Apple EarPods Review: Earbuds, We Hardly Miss Ye [UNBOXING PHOTOS + VIDEO]

    September 17 2012 11:59 AM EDT

    Since 2001, every iPod, iPhone and iPad has come with a pair of Apple's signature white earphones, "the earbuds." For three years, Apple set out to create a speaker that was comfortable, secure, and provided one of the best audio experiences around. They were three years well-spent: These EarPods are incredible, and they're far superior to any audio experience Apple has created thus far.

  • Google Continues Its Opposition Against Aliyun OS; Andy Rubin Draws Focus To Its Android Similarity

    September 17 2012 6:01 AM EDT

    After Google stopped Acer from launching a phone based on Aliyun OS, described non-compatible with build of Android, Google's Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President, Mobile and Digital Content, continued his fight against Alibaba, which coordinated on Aliyun development with Acer, The Verge reported.

  • First Apple iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Begin Shipping From China; Enthusiasts Start Camping Outside Flagship Apple Stores

    September 17 2012 3:40 AM EDT

    As the launch date for Apple iPhone 5 comes closer, customers who placed the first preorders for iPhone 5 are noticing updates that point to their orders being shipped from China, AppleInsider reported.

  • Malware Infects PCs Even Before They Reach Retail Shops, Says Microsoft Study (VIDEO)

    September 16 2012 6:22 AM EDT

    A new study conducted by Microsoft dubbed Operation b70, from Aug. 2011, shows that several computers carry malware installed in the factory, BBC News reported.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release Date For AT&T Allegedly Revealed; Rumors Indicate Same Launch As Windows Phone 8 [REPORT]

    September 15 2012 4:02 PM EDT

    The release date for Samsung?s Galaxy Note 2 has not officially been revealed yet, but a tip has indicated that it may arrive at the end of next month. According to BGR, a tip has been dropped indicating that the Galaxy Note 2 will be available on AT&T beginning Oct. 21.

  • Apple iPhone 5 Release Date Nears: Early Review Round-Up Features Mostly Positive Reviews
    Apple iPhone 5 Release Date Approaches: Of Verizon, AT&T, Or Sprint, Which Is The Best Carrier For LTE Coverage?

    September 15 2012 10:53 AM EDT

    Apple's first batch of pre-orders for the new iPhone 5 came and went on Friday, but even though the online Apple Store, AT&T stores and Verizon's retail stores are sold out of their initial pre-order stock, there are still thousands of customers dying to get their hands on Apple's latest smartphone innovation. Yet, one thing customers want to know about iPhone 5 before its release date next Friday is about which carrier to choose. Which carrier has the best overall coverage? Which carri...

  • Apple iPhone 5 Release Date Nears: Early Review Round-Up Features Mostly Positive Reviews
    Apple iPhone 5 Release Announced: 5 Accessories Users Will Want Upon Launch

    September 14 2012 5:55 PM EDT

    Preorders have just begun for Apple?s iPhone 5, the highly rumored next-generation smartphone to be released on Sept. 21. Fans now know everything about the device, from its release date, to its features and hardware specs. But when a new smartphone debuts from Apple, fans look forward to move than just the device: they shop for brand new accessories.

  • Windows 8 Release Approaches: This Could Be ‘Exactly What Microsoft Needs,’ Developer Says

    September 14 2012 2:36 PM EDT

    Microsoft's Oct. 26 release date for Windows 8 is quickly approaching, and fans of the long-time PC software creator have seen some new devices that will utilize the OS. At Berlin's IFA 2012, hybrid laptop-tablet gadgets were unveiled such as the Sony VAIO Duo and the T-Series 13 Ultrabook.

  • Apple To Reap Windfall On iPhone 5 As Component Cost Is $167.50, Techs Say

    September 14 2012 12:39 PM EDT

    Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), the world's most valuable technology company, should reap another windfall from selling the iPhone 5 because component costs are only around $167.50, engineers at UBM TechInsights reported. Apple will sell the product for as much as $399 and charge wireless carriers about $450.

  • Apple iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Delayed Two Weeks From Release Date: Is Online Ordering Worth The Price Of Waiting?

    September 14 2012 10:32 AM EDT

    One hour after pre-orders for the new iPhone 5 went live on Apple's website Friday morning, shipping estimates from the online Apple Store have already been delayed to two weeks for customers in the US, UK, Germany, Canada and Australia. Currently, any new iPhone 5 purchases will likely be shipped and delivered two weeks after the iPhone 5's actual release date on Sept. 21, by Friday, Oct. 5.

  • Apple iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Sell Out Within An Hour; Handset Shipment Dates Slip To Two Weeks

    September 14 2012 8:42 AM EDT

    Just within an hour of the Apple (AAPL) iPhone 5 pre-orders going live, shipment dates for the new orders dropped to two weeks in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany and Australia, MacRumors stated.

  • Microsoft Santa Comes Calling; Free Surface Tablets, Work PCs, Windows Phone 8 Devices For Employees

    September 14 2012 7:06 AM EDT

    After the iPhone 5 euphoria, it's back to Goliath Microsoft. The Redmond-software giant seems to have ushered in Christmas in Fall by deciding to distribute free surface RT tablet, Windows Phone 8 device and a refreshed Windows 8 work machine, Geek Wire reported.

  • Apple iPhone 5 Preorder Time Begins After Midnight: Verizon, Sprint Details Announced

    September 13 2012 6:15 PM EDT

    Apple has officially announced the release date for its iPhone 5, which will hit stores on Sept. 21. Preorders for the next-generation smartphone begin on Friday, Sept. 14, but Verizon users may run into some trouble if they wish to keep their unlimited data plan.

  • Wii U Preorders Begin Today: GameStop Slashes Prices In Exchange For Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Trade-Ins

    September 13 2012 5:25 PM EDT

    Nintendo has unveiled the official release date for the Wii U in North America and Europe. The Wii successor will launch on Nov. 18 in the U.S. and Nov. 30 in Europe. During Thursday’s Nintendo Direct the long-time video game manufacturer announced the lineup of games that will debut alongside the next-generation console and the hardware specifications.

  • iPhone 5 Release: 11 Features We Wish Apple Included At Launch [PHOTOS]

    September 13 2012 3:22 PM EDT

    The iPhone 5 has almost everything we expected - emphasis on "almost." The phone has all of the important features we predicted, including the taller and thinner build, the new 4-inch Retina Display with a 16:9 ratio for watching widescreen video, but there were many rumored features that didn't make it into the final product release, including NFC, 3D photography and the self-timing camera. Apple iPhone 5: 11 Features We Wish Were Included In The Final Release

  • Apple
    Apple iPhone 5 Event: 5 Rumors That Were Proven Wrong At The Release Announcement

    September 13 2012 2:25 PM EDT

    On Wednesday Apple officially revealed the iPhone 5, laying to rest the endless release date rumors, price estimates and speculations on what features the device would include. The device was released alongside a brand new line of iPod Nano and iPod Touch products at the Yerva Center in San Francisco, where Apple’s Tim Cook and Phil Schiller took the stage.