It's almost Thanksgiving 2011, and Google has launched a special Google Doodle for the coming holiday: a customizable turkey.

Unlike most other Google Doodles, this turkey changes appearance with the click of a mouse, as users change its feathers, hat, footwear, and other accessories. There are thousands of different options for designing your online turkey for Thanksgiving 2011, with a design based on the hand turkey drawings elementary schools are making around the country.

Creating hand turkeys remains one of my favorite elementary school memories, Google Doodle designer Willie Real wrote on Google's blog. This year, you have the option to skip the actual mess involved with making these classic Thanksgiving decorations and craft a unique turkey from the comfort of the Google homepage.

If you think that's all the Google team has up their sleeve for Thanksgiving 2011 however, you must not be familiar with how much engineers and online designers love planting inside jokes like do a barrel roll and other secret tricks.

The Google Doodle Turkey is capable, along with producing thousands of individual combinations, of laying several easter eggs or special results depending on what accessories users combine. There are 12 that Google has confirmed (and we've found) so far, all of which trigger an accompanying animation.

Sites like the Christian Science Monitor and numerous blogs have uncovered the 12 Google Doodle easter eggs for this Thanksgiving 2011 turkey. Follow our step-by-step instructions to un-lock all 12, or just click through our Thanksgiving 2011 slideshow and avoid the 2,000,000+ tries necessary to get them all on your own.

Here are the 12 Google Doodle easter eggs for this year's Turkey Day. We've explained how to unlock each one, if you're up for the challenge. If not, simply sit back, scroll through, and enjoy some adorable turkeys on the day before Thanksgiving 2011