Thanksgiving 2012 put smiles on the face of U.S. troops in Afghanistan as they laid down their rifles to savor a fine spread of epicurean delights that brought fond memories of home and traditional Thanksgiving Day dishes to the fore.

Around 2,500 soldiers enjoyed a delectable roast turkey, sliced turkey, ham and rib-eye steaks and huge chunks of beef alongside mac-and-cheese at a large international military base in Kabul.

Besides, there was an eclectic spread of side dishes including dressing, corn, collard greens, yams, mashed potatoes and gravy that were lapped up with great fervor.

And food was not all. The soldiers were also treated to games of a modified version of American football.

The players kicked off a regulation football as the game unfolded as a mix of football, soccer and rugby to fit the military base. Despite the artificial turf being frayed and dusty, the players pumped up the adrenalin to build excitement into the game, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

In 2011, 10,000 troops were pulled out of Afghanistan by President Barack Obama and 23,000 more this year, leaving 66,000 American service members deployed in the country.

International combat troops are slated to withdraw by the end 2014 when Afghan forces are likely to take charge of securing the nation, the AP has pointed out.